Guitar and Bass

Guitar and Bass 1.2.1

Learn to play guitar or bass with your computer


  • Complete learning app
  • Includes exercises to practice
  • Extra tools: tab composer, metronome, chord builder


  • Uncomfortable interface

Very good

Guitar and Bass is the perfect program for all those who want to learn how to play guitar or bass.

Whether you’ve bought an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass, Guitar and Bass includes everything you need to start playing the instrument right away: a library of chords and a chord builder, intervals, scales and keys, together with some extra tools such as a metronome and a key finder. Guitar Bass also includes a set of exercises to put your knowledge to test.

The interface in Guitar and Bass is somewhat bittersweet: on one hand, it's fully customizable and includes a guitar fret where you can play notes, practice chords and compose your own tablature music. On the other hand, each tool in Guitar and Bass opens up in a new window, which makes it uncomfortable to use – not to mention the big banner that takes up some interface space.

Despite these minor flaws, Guitar and Bass is still an excellent companion for all guitar and bass newbies. If only it came with a few basic songs to start playing right away, it would be perfect!

If you want to learn how to play the guitar or the bass, Guitar and Bass can be of great help!

FREE software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and more

Guitar and bass is a FREE software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin. (New instruments and tunings can be added too). You'll get everything a musician need, including: Scale/chords/intervals references and exercises. A Tablature viewer and editor. Ear training exercises. And practice tools.

Guitar and Bass


Guitar and Bass 1.2.1

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